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Fortinet FortiCloud Series
Fortinet's Security-as-a-Service Product Family

Fortinet FortiCloud

FortiCloud is Fortinet's platform for delivering security and security management services. FortiCloud provides customers with a simple way to connect, protect, and deliver their data and applications both on-premise and in the Cloud. The FortiCloud Offering Suite is a set of Cloud portals and services enabling customers to access and manage a range of Fortinet solutions and services from an easily accessible site. FortiCloud also provides access to FortiCare for management of Fortinet devices and accounts.

Fortinet Cloud Management

Fortinet Cloud Service

FortiCloud Advantages

Save Time and Resources

Save Time and Resources

  • Manage network access, assets, and services through an intuitive single-pane dashboard
  • Reduce IT resources by centrally managing deployments and analyze your entire network
  • Enhance on-premise security with advanced threat protection and two-factor authentication

Gain Complete Visibility

Gain Complete Visibility

  • View a complete listing of assets by serial number, contract, license, and even expired units
  • Search through detailed product and services information such as location, services, and threats
  • Easily navigate between FortiCloud portals selecting support, settings and management levels

Extend Fabric Security

Extend Fabric Security

  • Receive unified zero-day threat updates across your network for on-premise and Cloud clients
  • Detect endpoint, application and network security intelligence with real-time analytics
  • Add an extra layer of security with secure two factor/OTP authentication for all FortiCloud users


FortiCloud provides access to a diverse array of Fortinet solutions through a single signon including FortiGate Cloud, FortiWeb Cloud, FortiCASB, FortiCWP, FortiMail, and other Fortinet Cloud-based management and services. FortiCloud accounts are free which require a license for each solution.

Free Accounts, Free Premium Trials

Free of charge to customers and partners, signing up is easy, and instantly provides a Cloud-based solution to manage Fortinet's suite of Cloud services using a single login. With FortiCloud, you can:

FortiCloud for Access to all Fortinet Cloud Solutions

FortiCloud provides a single point of access to all your Fortinet Cloud portals.

Extend Fabric Security

Key Use Cases

There are diverse applications for Fortinet's unified FortiCloud platform. Below are five common use-cases outlining the key advantages in employing FortiCloud to protect and secure your on-premise and Cloud network environments.

Cloud-Based Application Protection

Organizations are increasingly taking a "Cloud-only" approach to developing and using applications. Protect Cloud-based applications, data, and services with Security as a Service (SaaS). The FortiCloud Offering Suite includes FortiWeb Cloud for web application protection, FortiMail Cloud for email protection, FortiCWP to identify configuration errors, suspicious user activity, storage protection and compliance, and FortiCASB for securing SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365 or Salesforce.

Unified Logins

Unified account management provides key authentication elements that allow access to multiple services with a single account across various Fortinet portals and services. The key objective of unified account management provides secure access to all the services and resources to enable the right person the right access at the right time, without compromising on security. This feature allows login with FortiCloud account from any portal or service and allows access to other portals seamlessly with built-in authorization roles specific to each portal or service.

Easy Access

FortiCloud hosts many Fortinet Cloud portals and services under a single brand. Products are increasingly interlaced with more than one Cloud service. Complimented by unified account and single sign-on, FortiCloud portal selector is accessible from the FortiCloud top bar, providing easy navigation between the FortiCloud portals and is consistently available from all the FortiCloud portals. Managed centrally, FortiCloud portal selector includes support, settings, Cloud management, and service portals.

Asset Management

As the portfolio of assets grow in numbers, managing assets gets complex and often requires additional effort to arrange, filter, and organize them. Asset Management portal gives the ability to view, organize, and manage Fortinet products and services using the Assets and Account Services views. Assets can be searched by serial number, contract, or license number. Products and services can be registered easily to access complete information including entitlement, location, threat statistics, tickets, enabled Cloud services, license, and keys all in one place. Asset Folders help organize large number of assets into multi-depth folder hierarchies. Asset manager also provides dedicated and filtered views for expired units, decommissioned units on the registered products, and notifications on the assets.

2FA Authentication


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