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Firewall Health Check
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Firewall Health Check
Health Check for FortiGate/FortiWifi 30x to 90x models
Our Price: £200 Ex VAT
Health Check for FortiGate/FortiWifi 100x-600x models
Our Price: £300 Ex VAT
Health Check for FortiGate 800x-6000x models
Our Price: £500 Ex VAT

What are the reasons for performing firewall health check?

  1. Organizations undergo changes such as mergers, acquisitions, and growth, which may impact the effectiveness of their firewall. It's important to assess whether the current firewall setup still meets the business needs.
  2. After installation, firewall rules may have changed and may no longer be in adherence to the best practices.
  3. Organizations often lack understanding of the traffic traversing their firewall and the protocols and applications that make up that traffic.
  4. Your Firewall should have the optimum configuration; there may be additional features available which could improve security or the functionality of the firewall.
  5. Mitigate risk and increase peace of mind with expert validation of the firewall function.

When should the firewall health check be performed?

For a small business, it is recommended that a firewall health check be performed on an annual basis.

Who should perform the firewall health check?

A certified security consultant should be performing your health check. Our team has the top-level certification for every firewall product we carry, meaning you always get expert advice.

Where should the firewall health check be performed?

The entire process can be done remotely using online conferencing tools or through direct remote connection to the firewall (we would only require interface and command line read-only access)

How long will it take to perform the firewall health check?

A complete health check will usually take 4 hours for the health check itself, and 4 hours for the report and documentation.

We will perform the following processes:

  1. Review the firewall platform Including but not limited to:
    • Software revision (Operating System/OS version, upgrades, and patches)
    • System Date and Time
    • Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Memory utilization
    • Admin accounts
    • Security features and licensing
    • Interfaces
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Structure
    • Routing rules
    • Logging and Alerting
    • 3rd party integration review
    • Network connectivity, integration, and positioning
  2. Review firewall policies, including the related features that are used in the policy;
    • Security profiles
    • Objects
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Secured Socket Layer (SSL) inspection
    • Traffic shaping
  3. Finally, submit a comprehensive report including the following;
    • Executive Summary
    • Documentation of your organization’s environment limited to the scope of the firewall healthcheck
    • Detailed findings (i.e., what should be, the current state and the reason for the difference)
    • Risk assessment (i.e., consequences or effect)
    • Recommendations (i.e., corrective action plans)