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Fortinet Healthcare Solutions
The Impact of Digital Transformation in a Healthcare Crisis

Fortinet Healthcare Products

For healthcare workers to appropriately respond to emergencies while ensuring business continuity, they must have seamless, secure access to centralized medical records and devices, no matter their location. When remote work is a factor, especially in locations where telemedicine is in place, it is a given that infrastructure, capacity, and coverage requirements will vary from place to place. Solutions must be in place to ensure security, reliability, and manageability combined with consistent enterprise controls.

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Featured Products

To meet the changing demands of the healthcare industry, Fortinet offers an integrated solution designed to support remote environments, whether they are part of an ongoing strategy or an emergency deployment. This fast, scalable, cost-effective solution can be quickly deployed at small or temporary mobile healthcare sites to offer the same level of security and networking functionality that the larger hospitals and clinics depend on.

FortieGate Next-generation Firewalls

Through the utilization of customer cybersecurity processors, FortiGate NGFWs deliver top-rated protection, end-to-end visibility, centralized control, and high-performance inspection of encrypted and clear-text traffic. Additionally, with built-in support for IPsec virtual private networks (VPNs), remote providers can set up a secure connecting to the core network in a matter of minutes.



FortiSwitch Series

This offering delivers a secure Ethernet solution that can be easily managed either from a FortiGate or the cloud to ensure that all devices connected to a physical network are automatically secured.

FortiAP Series

These wireless access points deliver secure access that can be easily managed from either a FortiGate or the cloud to ensure that all users and devices receive appropriate levels of network access, whether they are guests, patients, healthcare providers, contractors, front office personnel, or systems administrators.




This LTE connectivity appliance can provide a primary or secondary wide-area network (WAN) link to a FortiGate by using the data network of mobile phone providers.

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