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Fortinet FortiWLM VM
Wireless Manager


Fortinet FortiWLM VM Box Shot

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FortiWLM VM FortiCare Premium Support
FortiWLM-VM 1 Year FortiCare Premium Support
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Wireless Appliances for Network Management

The FortiWLM 100D is designed for small enterprises, and the FortiWLM 1000D is designed for medium to large enterprises. The FortiWLM-VM provides a virtual management platform that can scale up to 200 controllers and 15,000 APs. The VM also has a 30-day trial license for 50 APs which allows very simple onsite trials and demonstrations. Fortinet also includes, with all FortiWLM Wireless Manager appliances, built-in (at no extra cost) the following applications for up to 50 APs, licenses that enable more APs as required:

  • Network Manager — Provides wireless performance dashboards, RF visualization, centralized monitoring, configuration, fault management, visibility over long-term trends, and centralized reporting.
  • Spectrum Manager — Detects and identifies both WiFi and non-WiFi interference on all channels all the time.
  • Service Assurance Manager — Delivers end-to-end service assurance for the network and its applications.
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) — Detects wireless intrusions using predefined and custom signatures on an integrated platform with other WLAN management applications, PCI 3.0 Compliance reporting. Data Security Standard and Payment Application Data Security Standard now supported up to the latest release.


  • Hardware platform to support Fortinet infrastructure wireless network applications
  • Network management that supports monitoring, configuring and reporting of wireless network health
  • RF interference detection and mitigation
  • A choice of appliances sized to fit your business scale


  • Deliver comprehensive WLAN management
  • Detect network congestion and poor wireless environments to improve user experience
  • Delivers reporting and historical visibility


Network Manager

Key Functions

  • Comprehensive real-time and historical WLAN performance trends dashboards including RF metrics for a centralized view.
  • Real-time and historical RF visualization enables remote management and saves on-site truck-roll expenses.
  • Current and historical wireless station metrics enable rapid resolution of issues by rewinding and recreating past state.
  • Customized dashboards for mobile devices allow anytime, anywhere management of WLAN network.
  • Integrated Rogue AP detection enhances enterprise security.
  • Extensive wireless reports support network audits and enterprise reporting requirements.
  • Alarms and events with customizable notifications facilitate proactive wireless network monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Enterprise scalability allows management of up to 15,000 APs.

Provisioning and Deployment
The Network Manager enables users to easily provision and manage multiple Fortinet controllers from a single web interface. One of the primary functionalities of the Network Manager is the ability to create a global controller configuration and push it to one or more managed controllers. If a global controller configuration is changed in the Network Manager, all controllers using it are automatically updated with those changes. To enhance security, the global controller configurations are owned by the Network Manager and cannot be altered by the controllers using them. Inventory view in the Network Management platform provides users with a streamlined view to look at all the provisioned controllers. Administrators can also directly add controllers from the Inventory, to be managed by the Network Management Platform.

Network Manager

Spectrum Manager

Detect, classify, and manage wireless interference
Spectrum Manager is a software application that detects and classifies sources of wireless interference to ensure optimal spectrum usage and high service levels. By keeping you informed about Wi-Fi interference, Spectrum Manager lets you take action to alleviate problems by removing, adjusting for, or working around the sources of interference.

You can proactively manage channel interference issues, avoiding problems before they occur. Graphical dashboard displays and reports provide actionable intelligence on the health of your wireless spectrum, giving you deep insight into both current and historical data.

Spectrum Manager gathers interference data from a network of dedicated sensors. It can also gather data from the APs which can dedicate one of its three radios to act as a sensor. The software creates detailed logs on a broad range of wireless interference sources. The information captured includes the type of interferer, signal strength, impacted channels, start/end time, and duration. Spectrum Manager is fully integrated with Service Assurance Manager, correlating data to let you quickly determine if any connectivity failures are caused by interference.

Spectrum Manager

Service Assurance Manager

Fortinet's Service Assurance Manager is the industry's only predictive diagnostic software for remotely diagnosing the health of wireless networks without requiring overlay sensors. With Service Assurance Manager, the network automatically performs predictive health checks and reports any issues before end users are impacted. Service Assurance Manager creates network baselines and runs application-level tests continuously or on demand. It provides you with an executive summary of network operations through a simple dashboard.

Unlike conventional wireless technology, Fortinet's single-channel architecture enables wireless access points within the network to communicate with each other. This allows a Virtual Client to temporarily be placed on the access point, emulating a client station for the duration of Service Assurance Manager's diagnostic tests.

Virtual Clients test for application performance from the client to the application server, without impacting users on the network. This  approach enables Service Assurance Manager to proactively detect service failures that ordinary management software cannot — for example, if an antenna has fallen off an access point.

Many network issues require more detailed visibility. That used to require setting up an onsite test network, running diagnostic and performance tests, and analysing results on a variety of wireless security profiles. Service Assurance Manager uses the Virtual Client to automate these tasks remotely, providing visibility into network operations without the need to send IT staff and equipment onsite.


  • Dashboard with executive summary of network health lets you proactively detect network issues
  • Remote diagnostic tests reduce onsite visits
  • Fully integrated — no need for additional equipment
  • Inject real, application-level traffic into the live network without disrupting service
  • Identify root causes with automatic analysis of connection failure stage

Service Assurance Manager

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)

Fortinet Wireless Manager includes a signature-based Wireless Intrusion Prevention System able to detect and counter wireless security issues. Network administrators can customize the response to threats based on an organization's individual needs, as well as define new signatures and generate reports of all activity that affects security.



Maximum Number of Infrastructure Controllers Supported 200
Maximum Number of Infrastructure Access Points Supported 15,000
Maximum Number of Stations Supported 75,000
Licenses Included (Number of APs) NM, SM, SAM, WIPS 50
Form Factor / Platform Supports VMware, Hyper-V, AWS and KVM hypervisors.
Standard Warranty 1 Year


Download the Fortinet FortiWLM Datasheet (PDF).

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Pricing Notes:

Fortinet Products
FortiWLM VM FortiCare Premium Support
FortiWLM-VM 1 Year FortiCare Premium Support
List Price: £272.34
Our Price: Request a Quote