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Fortinet FortiTester 2000D
Enterprise-Scale Network Security Testing

FortiTester 2000D

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  • Cost-effective performance and security testing system for enterprises and service providers.
  • Flexible operation modes from 1 standalone device up to 8 devices combined in Test Center mode.
  • 40 GE QSFP+ interface support on 3000E (with 4x 10 GE SFP+ split mode).
  • 100 GE QSFP28, 40 GE QSFP+ with 4x 10 GE fan-out, 10/1 GE SFP+ appliances.
  • VM version with support for Vmware ESXi and KVM hypervisors.
  • No add-on licenses. Simple device-based license for all functionality.
  • REST API for test automation.

FortiTester appliances offer enterprises and service providers a cost-effective solution for performance testing and validating their network security infrastructure and services, providing a comprehensive range of application test cases to evaluate equipment and right-size infrastructure. All test functionality is included in one simple device-based license.

Comprehensive testing and flexible operation

FortiTester provides powerful yet easy-to-use test cases that simulate many stateful applications and malicous traffic. Built-in reporting provides comprehensive information about the test including SNMP stats from the DUT. It enables you to establish performance standards and run audits to validate they continue to be met. A single 40 GE appliance allows over 20 million concurrent connections and new HTTP connection rates greater than 1 million/second, hardwarebased acceleration supports new HTTPS connection rates above 20,000/second. Up to 8 appliances can be grouped in Test Center mode to massively scale performance. 40 GE device interfaces can be split to 4x 10 GE SFP+ for additional testing flexibility. 100 GE, 10 GE devices and VM versions complete the Tester range, with competitive price points for their target customers.

Key Features and Benefits

Simple device-based license
All test cases and tester functionality, including attack traffic samples, are provided in a simple device-based license.

Comprehensive test cases
Includes a wide range of test cases for IPv4 and IPv6 covering application and video delivery, IPsec, mobility, network services, and attack replay.

Advanced test case options
Easily change test case options - for example, such as how sessions are closed, piggybacking, randomize source ports, specify SSL versions and ciphers, include payload for inline scanning and sandboxing. Adjust load parameters while tests are running.


Fortitester 2000D Specifications
Hardware Specifications
Total Interface 4x 10 GE SFP+ slots,1x Management GE RJ45 port
Storage 120 GB SSD
Form Factor 1U
Performance Examples and Application Support Standalone Mode Test Center Mode with 4 Devices
HTTP Throughput 19.9 Gbps 78 Gbps
HTTP Connections Per Second 835,000 2,753,000
HTTP Concurrent Connections 9,500,000 38,000,000
SSL Throughput 1.1 Gbps 5 Gbps
SSL Connections Per Second 2,300 9,000
SSL Concurrent Connections 14,000 56,000
IPsec Yes No*
RFC2544 Yes Yes
DDoS Yes Yes
Replay - Traffic, Attack, GTP Yes Yes
Dimensions and Power
Height x Width x Length (inches) 1.73 x 17.24 x 22.83
Height x Width x Length (mm) 44 x 438 x 580
Weight 24.23 lbs (11.08 Kg)
Power Required 100-240V AC, 63-47 Hz, Redundant
Power Consumption (Average / Maximum) 300 W / 360 W
Maximum Current 120V/6A, 240V/3A
Heat Dissipation 1228 BTU/h
Redundant Power Supplies Dual Power Supplies
Operating Temperature 32-104°F (0-40°C)
Storage Temperature -4 - 158°F (-20-70°C)
Humidity 5-95% non-condensing
Operating Altitude Up to 7,400 ft (2,250 m)
Regulatory Compliance FCC Part 15 Class A, C-tick, VCCI, CE, UL/c
Safety CSA, C/US, CE, UL

* maximum of 2 devices in test center mode for IPsec testing.


Test case configuration

Easily configure test cases for applications, traffic generation, application simulation, and malicious traffic, using FortiTester’s web interface.

Test case configuration

Standalone and test center modes

The two software components in FortiTester are the traffic generator and the test center. The traffic generator is the engines, assigned CPU cores, and physical interfaces. The test center is the user interface, test cases, and system management. In Standalone mode, test center works with the local traffic generator. In Test Center mode, test center connects to the local traffic generator and remote traffic generators on other FortiTesters, allowing you to scale your performance testing requirements.

Standalone and test center modes

Virtual machine

The virtual machine version allows performance and validation testing for both physical and virtual network services and infrastructure. Ideal for customers implementing network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN.) Both vSwtich and PCI-E passthrough are supported, providing flexibility and performance for vm-based testing. Furthermore, test center mode enables the virtual solution to easily scale up to 8 testers (or scale down to multiple standalone units), providing flexibility and performance.

Example deployment for both virtual and physical device tests

Example deployment for both virtual and physical device tests


Download the Fortinet FortiTester Datasheet (PDF).

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Pricing Notes:

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