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Fortinet FortiRecorder 100G
AI-enriched Network Video Recorders for Optimal Physical Security


Fortinet FortiRecorder 100G
Fortinet Products
FortiRecorder-100G Network Video Recorder - 4 x GE RJ45 ports, 2TB storage, 16ch
List Price: £2,167.39
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Protect Your Assets and Properties with Smart Physical Security

FortiRecorder is a comprehensive video management system (VMS) that provides complete video surveillance capabilities for small to large businesses. It supports a wide range of IP cameras, and its intuitive user interface allows for easy monitoring, playback, and video export.

With powerful analytics features, it can detect and alert users to potential security breaches, and its flexible deployment options make it suitable for a variety of environments. It also includes advanced video retention and archiving features, with automatic backup to reduce the risk of data loss. Overall, FortiRecorder is a reliab

FortiRecorder Web Interface

Fortinet FortiRecorder 100G


  • Scheduled and manual recording
  • Motion detection and continuous recordings
  • Snapshot notifications and alerts
  • Available as an appliance or virtual machine
  • Camera live view and video playback
  • Event monitor with timeline
  • RADIUS, LDAP, SNMP and remote data storage support for flexible network integration

Use Cases:

Key Features & Benefits
Preventing Thefts, Burglaries, and Vandalism Fortinet empowers organizations to fight and prevent crimes with an integrated video surveillance system. The combination of FortiRecorder and FortiCamera gives organizations a full security coverage, day and night, for every entry point within your properties: lobbies, shipping and receiving areas, emergency exits, parking lots, garages, and more. Organizations have a centralized control and visibility from a single management platform, onsite or remotely, 24/7.
Delivering a Safe and Secure Environment Fortinet video surveillance solution delivers HD image quality with smart motion detection and low-light sensitivity technologies that capture all the activity details within your offices and the surrounding areas. FortiRecorder systems come with a free, AI-powered FortiCentral video management system to empowers organizations to build safer environments by automatically detecting suspicious objects, vehicles, and faces, then triggering events and notifications to prevent potential incidents.
Boosting Operational Efficiency Fortinet video surveillance solution is beyond just a physical security. FortiRecorder collects data and analyzes working habits and environment conditions to improve your business efficiency. Factories and manufacturing, for example, can benefit from physical security systems to reduce waste, control hazardous materials, and ensure regulatory compliance. Fortinet video surveillance solution gives organizations a simplified management platform with all-inclusive security and AI-analysis capabilities to optimize business protection and operational efficiency.
Sustaining Capacity and Density Control Restaurants, retail stores, and government buildings are often required to limit the number of people in specific areas. The Fortinet physical security solution goes beyond a standard video surveillance system. FortiRecorder, combined with FortiCamera and AI-powered FortiCentral, accurately detects people entering the area and provides capacity information to help businesses manage the number of people on their premises. Additional heatmap analytics give you a visualization of the traffic frequency of an area to help you improve your business.
Surveillance Solution with Streamlined User Experience FortiRecorders solve your surveillance problems while streamlining the user experience. Place cameras to cover your entry points and critical areas such as Point of Sale terminals, warehouses, public areas, and loading docks. Configure FortiRecorder for continuous or motion-based recording (or both). Alarms and notifications keep you aware of what’s going on. An event timeline lets you find and review motion events quickly and easily.
Secure Network Video Recorders Built on Fortinet’s leading security technologies, FortiRecorder gives you the flexibility to personalize for optimal performance and security automation. Reliable with continuous and motion-based recordings, FortiRecorder ensures full protection of your video and the data that matters to your business.
Unified Management with Centralized Visibility Organizations can simplify management from FortiRecorder’s web-based interface to browse footages, set alerts, and monitor cameras. Fortinet also offer a comprehensive FortiCentral video management application that delivers fast, intuitive access to real time and recorded images. It’s friendly and easy for casual users, yet sophisticated enough for more intensive security installations that require constant monitoring of multiple cameras and recorders.
Archive Video to Remote Storage Device Extend recording capacity through network-attached storage. Archived files can be seamlessly accessed for playback from local or remote storage using the FortiRecorder web interface or FortiCentral video management software (VMS).
Viewer, Operator, and Administrator Access Profiles Separating user groups provides improved security. Administrators have full access while operators can’t change the configuration, delete video files, or disable cameras. Operators can be assigned access to specific camera groups. Viewers can only monitor camera live views.
Motion Detection with Snapshot Notifications FortiRecorder sends a snapshot notification email to your smartphone or other device with images from the motion event. You immediately see what’s going on without having to log in to a dedicated app or navigate any menus.
Support ONIV Cameras Fortinet offers smart FortiCameras, built for all weather and lighting conditions. These cameras are tailor-made to work with FortiRecorder seamlessly, with easy configuration and no additional license fees. FortiRecorder also works with third-party ONVIF cameras to allow you to choose specialty cameras when you need them.
Flexible Deployment Options FortiRecorder is available as an appliance, a virtual machine, so you get the complete functionality in the format that works best for you. Choose a FortiRecorder appliance for ease of setup right out of the box — just plug in your FortiCameras, turn on the recorder, and you’re ready to go using your web browser or a free FortiCentral video management software. Or choose FortiRecorder-VM with simple, stackable licenses and platform flexibility for IT-friendly environments and support for up to 1024 cameras.
FortiRecorder-VM is supported on VMware’s vSphere Hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, Citrix XenServer, and Amazon AWS (on-demand).


  FortiRecorder 100G
Hardware Specifications
Camera Capacity 16
Format 1U Desktop
10/100/1000 Interfaces (Copper, RJ-45) 4
Storage 1 x 2TB
Power Required 100-240 VAC 60-50 Hz, +12VDC / 3.34A, 40W Power Adapter
Power Consumption (Average) 17.3 watts
Heat Dissipation 106.06 BTU/h
Operating Temperature 32–104°F (0–40°C)
Storage Temperature 14°–158°F (-10°–70°C)
Humidity 10–90% non-condensing
Height x Width x Length (inches) 1.7 x 9.4 x 6.6
Height x Width x Length (mm) 44 x 240 x 168
Weight 3.33 lbs. (1.51 kg)
    FCC Part 15 Class B, ICES, CE, RCM, VCCI, BSMI, UL/cUL, CB


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Pricing Notes:

Fortinet Products
FortiRecorder-100G Network Video Recorder - 4 x GE RJ45 ports, 2TB storage, 16ch
List Price: £2,167.39
Our Price: Request a Quote
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