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FortiCore Appliances
SDN Security Appliances

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The FortiCore E-Series of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) security appliances provide the ability to scale network-based security solutions to meet the performance demands of emerging cloud and data center architectures. Using programmable flow forwarding, the FortiCore can redirect and distribute traffic of interest to associated sets of network security devices, at link speeds up to 100G.

Securing Software Defined Networking (SDN) Architectures

Within SDN architectures, the seperation of the control and data planes adds security challenges to protect SDN controllers and applications from data plane-based attacks. Additionally, as SDN architectures are multipath environments, connecting and scaling stateful network security devices, requires the ability to programmatically direct and distribute traffic through them. The FortiCore as an SDN security appliance connects to SDN architectures, supporting both very large numbers of programmable flows and effective line-rate performance required to secure SDN architectures.


FortiCore Series Legacy Models