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Fortinet FortiAP S422E
Outdoor 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point with Dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Radios with a Variety of External Antenna Options

Fortinet FortiAP S422E

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The FAP-422E is our high-density 802.11ac Wave 2 outdoor access point. This enterprise class access point is ideal for large high-density outdoor environments such as an outside office building or recreation area. It supports MU-MiMO giving excellent performance throughput and the ability to support 3 simultaneous devices.

The FortiAP-S series are cloud-managed access points designed for deployment in SMBs and distributed enterprise remote sites. Managed through the free FortiCloud provisioning and management portal, they eliminate the CAPEX and complexity of deploying WLAN controllers and management servers. Two models come with 3x3 internal antennas, and two are equipped with connectors for use with external directional or panel antennas.

Cloud WiFi with Comprehensive Threat Protection

Unlike any other access points on the market, they are equipped with extra memory and a powerful dual-core processor, which enable them to perform real-time security processing on the AP itself, providing complete protection against all manner of WiFi and cyber-threats at the network edge. With Fortinet’s award winning security technology embedded in the AP, the FortiAP-S series provides the most compact solution for complete content and application security in a Cloud WiFi architecture. This has significant implications for ease-of-deployment, operational efficiency and total cost of ownership.


  • Industry’s most compact solution for WiFi access with layer 7 security
  • Provisioned and managed remotely from the cloud through FortiCloud
  • No recurring per AP licenses for full-featured cloud-management
  • No hidden feature licenses for enterprise-grade WiFi capabilities
  • Layer 7 application control to optimize bandwidth utilization
  • Rogue AP detection and mitigation to satisfy PCI DSS compliance
  • Latest 802.11ac technology with association rate of up to 1.3 Gbps
Key Features & Benefits
Benefits of Cloud Management Without Sacrificing Security Combines the low CAPEX and convenience of cloud management, with cloudprovided threat protection, delivered through regular FortiGuard updates.
Advanced Security Protection Embedded in the AP On-board IPS, antivirus scanning, web-filtering and application control, protects all users and devices from the latest security threats.
Integrated WIDS and Rogue AP Suppression Protects the network from advanced wireless threats to satisfy PCI DSS compliance. PCI-DSS compliance reports available through FortiCloud.


Cloud-managed and FortiGate-managed FAP-S series at remote sites

Cloud-managed and FortiGate-managed FAP-S series at remote sites

Fortinet approach to secure cloud-managed WiFi

Fortinet approach to secure cloud-managed WiFi

Antenna Radiation Patterns:

Antenna Radiation Patterns

RF RX/TX Performance Table:

FortiAP S422E
Radio 1 - 2.4 GHz Radio 2 - 5 GHz
802.11 a/g Tx Power (dBm) Rx Sensitivity (dBm) Tx Power (dBm) Rx Sensitivity (dBm)
6 Mbps 21 -94 20 -90
9 Mbps 21 -92 20 -89
12 Mbps 21 -89 20 -86
18 Mbps 21 -88 20 -85
24 Mbps 21 -83 20 -80
36 Mbps 21 -78 18 -75
48 Mbps 21 -77 18 -74
54 Mbps 19 -76 17 -73
802.11n HT20
MCS 0/8/16 (BPSK) 19 -91 19 -90
MCS 1/9/17 (QPSK) 19 -89 19 -87
MCS 2/10/18 (QPSK) 19 -86 19 -84
MCS 3/11/19 (16-QAM) 19 -85 18 -82
MCS 4/12/20 (16-QAM) 19 -80 17 -77
MCS 5/13/21 (64-QAM) 18 -75 16 -72
MCS 6/14/22 (64-QAM) 18 -74 16 -71
MCS 7/15/23 (64-QAM) 18 -73 16 -70
802.11n HT40
MCS 0/8/16 (BPSK) 19 -89 19 -87
MCS 1/9/17 (QPSK) 19 -87 18 -85
MCS 2/10/18 (QPSK) 19 -84 18 -82
MCS 3/11/19 (16-QAM) 18 -83 17 -81
MCS 4/12/20 (16-QAM) 18 -78 17 -76
MCS 5/13/21 (64-QAM) 17 -73 17 -71
MCS 6/14/22 (64-QAM) 17 -72 17 -70
MCS 7/15/23 (64-QAM) 17 -71 17 -69
MCS 8/16/24 (256-QAM) 15 -66 13 -63
MCS 9/17/25 (256-QAM) 15 -65 13 -62
802.11 HT80
MCS 0 (BPSK)   18 -84
MCS 1 (QPSK)   17 -81
MCS 2 (QPSK)   17 -79
MCS 3 (16-QAM)   16 -76
MCS 4 (16-QAM)   16 -74
MCS 5 (64-QAM)   15 -73
MCS 6 (64-QAM)   15 -71
MCS 7 (64-QAM)   15 -70
MCS 8 (256-QAM)   14 -66
MCS 9 (256-QAM)   14 -59

Maximum capability of the Hardware provided (Exenculding antenna gain)


Hardware Type Outdoor Smart AP
Number of Radios 2
Number of Antennas 8 N-type External
Peak Antenna Gain 5 dBi for 2.4 GHz,
7 dBi for 5 GHz
Frequency Bands (GHz) * 2.400–2.4835, 5.150–5.250, 5.250–5.350, 5.470–5.725, 5.725–5.851
Frequency of Radio 1 2.4 GHz b/g/n (4x4:4 stream), 20/40 Mhz (256 QAM)
Frequency of Radio 2 5 GHz a/n/ac (4x4:4 stream), 20/40/80 Mhz (256 QAM), MU-MIMO 3 simultanous devices
Throughput Radio 1: up to 800 Mbps,
Radio 2: up to 1.733 Gbps
Ethernet Ports 2x GE RJ45
USB Port
Serial Console Port 1 RS-232 x RJ45
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Dual redundant PoE power ports with support for IEEE 802.3at (25.5 W)
WME Multimedia Extensions Yes (4 priority queues for voice, video, data and background traffic)
Simultaneous SSIDs 16 (14 if background scanning enabled)
User/Device Authentication WPA and WPA2 with 802.1X or Preshared key, WEP and Web Captive Portal, MAC blacklist & whitelist
Maximum Tx Power 19 dBm (80 mW)*
Physical Security Kensington Lock
Mean Time Between Failures >30 Years
IEEE Specifications 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11d, 802.11e, 802.11g, 802.11h, 802.11i, 802.11j, 802.11n, 802.1x, 802.11ac, 802.3af, 802.3at, 802.3az
Mounting Options Wall or Pole Mounting
Included Accessories 8x Dipole Antennas, power adapter and proprietary injector, pole mount bracket, grounding cable, surge protector
FortiPresence Capable Yes
Wireless Mesh Capable Yes
Modes of Operation FortiGate or FortiCloud management
SSID Types Supported Local-Bridge, Tunnel & Mesh (when managed by FortiGate)
FortiDeploy and FortiCloud Key Yes
Concurrent Clients Per Radio (Maximum / Recommended) 512 / 128
LED Off Mode Yes
Onboard Security Features when Managed from FortiCloud
Application Control Yes
Block Botnet Yes
Antivirus Yes
Intrusion Prevention Yes
URL Filtering Yes
FortiGuard Security Feed Subscription available through FortiCloud
Advanced 802.11 Features
802.11ac Wave2 MU-MIMO Yes
Transmit Beam Forming (TxBF) Yes
Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) Encoding Yes
Maximum Likelihood Demodulation (MLD) Yes
Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) Yes
A-MPDU and A-MSDU Packet Aggregation Yes
MIMO Power Save Yes
Short Guard Interva Yes
Wireless Monitoring Capabilities
Frequencies scanned 2.4 and 5 GHz
Background scan with client access on2.4 and 5 GHz Yes
Full-time scan as dedicated monitor Yes
Full-time scan with client access No
Packet sniffer mode Yes
Spectrum analyzer Yes
Length x Width x Height 8.23 x 8.23 x 2.36 inches (20.9 x 20.9 x 6.0 cm)
Weight 4.08 lb (1.85 kg)
Package (shipping) Weight 11.42 lb (5.18 kg)
Power Supply PoE input: 48V DV, 0.8A
Power Consumption (Average / Maximum) 18.83 W / 22 W
Humidity 5–90% non condensing
Operating Temperature -40–140°F (-40–60°C)
Storage Temperature -40–158°F (-40–70°C)
Directives Low Voltage Directive • RoHS
UL2043 Plenum Material Yes
IP Rating IP67
WiFi Alliance Certified In Process
DFS Certified In Process

* Frequency selection and power may be restricted to abide by regional regulatory compliance laws.


Download the Fortinet FortiAP Smart Series Access Points Datasheet (PDF).

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