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Cloud Security
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As organizations continue to drive towards digital acceleration, their application journeys sprawl across multiple clouds and virtual and physical data centers. The result is operational complexity, loss of visibility, and potential for misconfigurations, which lead to cybersecurity risks. Fortinet Cloud Security empowers organizations to achieve digital acceleration by securing any application on any cloud.

Product Details:

Secure Applications and Connectivity

Fortinet cloud security solutions provide visibility and control across public and private clouds, and data centers.

Hybrid Security

Organizations are expanding, deploying, and interconnecting applications and networks across multiple clouds and both virtual and physical data centers. Our hybrid security solutions protect and connect across all points of deployment while simplifying cloud operations. A single pane of glass delivers visibility and consistent cybersecurity policies throughout the environment.

Application and API Protection

Advanced application-layer cloud-security controls enable you to choose the best cloud platforms and technical systems based on business priorities, not security limitations. With advanced AI/ML and automation, Fortinet simplifies securing web applications and APIs with robust protection and mitigation against threats, including bots and the OWASP Top 10.

Cloud-Native Protection

With cloud-native security solutions to protect workloads and cloud-first application lifecycles, you can take full advantage of cloud computing to drive business forward. In addition, you can gain insights into and manage your cloud security postures on any cloud.

Secure Any Application in Any Cloud

Fortinet cloud security solutions enable secure cloud connectivity and advanced threat protection through tight integration with all major public cloud providers. These integrations ensure privacy while leveraging the benefits of scalability, metering, and time to market.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Fortinet protects your AWS environment with best-in-class security solutions. Integrations with key AWS services simplify security management, ensure full visibility across environments, and provide broad protection across your workloads and applications.

Microsoft Azure

Fortinet solutions integrate with Azure services to provide transparency of security policies and events. Broad protection, native integration, and automated management enable consistent enforcement and visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Google Cloud

Fortinet security for Google Cloud helps you maintain operationally viable, consistent security protection from on-premises to the cloud. It delivers natively integrated, multilevel security and threat protection to improve overall security posture and reduce misconfiguration.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle and Fortinet together deliver cloud services that allow users and developers to build, deploy, and manage workloads seamlessly—in the cloud or on-premises. With Fortinet, OCI users can apply consistent security policies throughout multi-cloud infrastructures.

Alibaba Cloud

Fortinet solutions for Alibaba Cloud provide enterprise-class security to your cloud-based applications with native integration. This enables ease of automation, broad protection against advanced threats, and central management and visibility across clouds and data centers.


Fortinet secures SAP both in the cloud and on-premises. Unlike other vendors, we integrate tightly into SAP systems and offer network, application, platform, and end-point security for your SAP Landscapes.